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Bastille Festival Competition: WIN a magical snow holiday to the French Alps with Club Med

Now you’ve experience a taste of the Alps at the Bastille Festival, this is your chance to experience the real deal!

THE PRIZE: 7 night all-inclusive holiday for a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 kids OR 2 adults only) to your choice from our 25+ snow resorts in the French Alps!

To participate, simply tell us in 25 words or less, why you want to experience an unforgettable snow holiday just below ⬇️

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6 reasons why you’ll love a Club Med snow holiday


#1 Logistics? All sorted

Enjoy maximum time on the slopes with your lift pass ready, small group lessons for ski or snowboard all organised with professional instructors and the kids all taken care of in Kids Clubs or in ski and snowboard lessons. And it's all included!


#2 Tailored services for maximum fun

We've thought of everything to make your holiday easy: a ski rental shop available in the resort, our Easy Arrival service with your equipment ready to go in your own heated locker, and services for the little ones with from baby clubs to babysitting.


#3 A kid’s paradise

Kids will have endless fun during their snow holidays! All activities and age-specific clubs were created with them in mind so they can enjoy the very best of their holiday away. Whether they take part in a group ski or snowboard lessons for all levels of experience with English-speaking instructors or have fun in the Kids Clubs - we’ll take care of everything to make their time amazing.


#4 From Ski to Apres Ski

Get the real mountain experience at your doorstep. Go snowshoeing, nordic walking or just dive in the pool. Parents can relax in the hot tub while bub is in the Kids Club or reunite for a fun time together in the indoor heater pool with a view. All included!


#5 Foodie delights

From cheese fondue to Savoyard specialities like pierrade (meat barbecue), we bring the winter experience to life through tantalising local gourmet discoveries and a full open bar. With an extensive choice over breakfast, lunch and dinner - there's so much to indulge in, it's time to enjoy it all. And it's all included!

St Moritz.jpg

#6 Our amazing snow resorts

With a Club Med holiday, your alpine experience will be fulfilled thanks to our well-located resorts. Each destination will treat you to a traditional chalet experience or a modern mountain masterpiece and take your breath away with amazing views.

Feeling inspired? Now learn more about our amazing snow holidays

Prize terms and conditions:

Prize is valid for a 7 nights stay for 2 adults and 2 children (17 years old and under) in superior rooms at your choice of Club Med snow resorts in France, excluding Valmorel Chalets and Grand Massif Samoens Chalets. Prize winner will be drawn 24th July and contacted by e-mail. Your holiday must be booked within 1 month before departure for high season and 3 months before departure for low season. Prize valid until 1 August 2020. Blackouts over peak travel periods apply, including but not limited to Christmas and New Year, school holidays, Chinese New Year and Golden Week, and other peak travel periods. Prize does not include: flights, transfers, local expenses, tours, rental gear, exclusive honeymoon package, additional child minding services, spa treatments, motorized sports and other activities that are available at extra cost. For other terms and conditions please contact Club Med.

10 things you didn't know Club Med includes for families

The mark of a great family holiday is finding the perfect balance of time for you and for them (your little ones). At Club Med, we really believe in helping you have the holiday of a lifetime by taking care of everything so you can focus on making memories with your loved ones.

From amazing Kids Clubs to services and equipment- here’s 10 ways we’ve got your back so you can focus on enjoying your time together as a family.


A Day in Kids Club Part 3: Mini Club

Travelling with kids is quite an adventure!

Are you dreaming of having a holiday but thinking bringing kids with you might be too hard? No worries - young families are more than welcomed in all Club Med resorts. And some resorts even offer dedicated services adapted to all ages - and of course kids!

Discover below, Part 3 of our “A Day in Kids Clubs” series where you can understand how Club Med’s Kids Clubs work from babies to teenagers.

The Mini Club at Club Med is for children from 4 to 11 years old. Professional childcare staff will take care of your little kids all day, providing gentle and expert care and allowing relaxed holidays and discoveries for everyone.

With their fellow age group (4-5 years, 6-7 years, and 8-10 years), kids will explore have fun and make new friends through a daily program crafted by expert G.Os balancing sports, creativity, expression and games.

Kids Clubs from 4 years old to 17 years old are included in the all-inclusive package, Baby and Petit Club from 4 months to 3 years old are at an extra cost. This program is only an example and schedule may vary.


Start the day outside learning about plants , gardening and where our food comes from.



Mini master chefs cook their first recipe through the Petit Chef Program.



Healthy lunch by the pool with new friends from all over the world.



Quiet story-time in the shade to relax before new adventures



Time to conquer fears and learn new trapeze skills with the Circus G.Os.



Learn about the unique culture through traditional dance performances.

2018-11-24 1100.jpg

💡 Did you know? Your children can start ski lessons as young as 3 years old. At that pace, they will be pro in no time!

Discover here all the activities for your children at Club Med. Find more of our special series for Baby Club, Petit Club and Junior/Passworld here!

Discover the Amazing Family program

When on a family holiday, there’s nothing more magical than creating new memories together and strengthen bonds with fun activities.

Because we love bringing happiness to families at Club Med, we created a new program including a fun-filled weekly agenda of activities for all the family.

What is the Amazing Family Program

The Amazing family program is divided in 5 categories Time to Play, Time to Move, Time to Care, Time to Quest, and Time to Celebrate. These various activities are all made to share an incredible moment together and to be fun for all ages. Don’t worry about coming up with ideas to entertain the kids during the holidays or how for parents to also have fun together - discover below in more details the different activities you can experience.


Time to Move

There’s no better time than holidays to move a little bit more than usual. And with all the fun sports already on offer at Club Med, the extra selection of energising activities for the Amazing Family program will bring the adrenaline up for the whole family!

Stay energised as a family while you enjoy active activities such as:

  • Soccer Bumper

  • Kite Competition

  • Olympic Games

  • Slip & Slide

  • Sand Castle Competition

  • Water inflatable Challenges

  • Water Wheel

  • Family Sports Tournament


Time to Play

Forget about the traditional board games and experience together giant board games, making your time to play fully interactive, fun and collaborative.

Disconnect from your digital devices and take the time to bond while enjoying giant life-size board games such as:

  • Giant Jenga

  • Molky

  • Giant Board Games

  • Twister

  • Connect 5

  • Pallina


Time to Care

Sustainability is something close to our hearts at Club Med and we love sharing with guests our passion about the local environment and culture around the resort.

Participate in meaningful activities with your kids to learn more about going green as well as local culture.


Time to Quest

What about trying something different and going on a treasure hunt for the whole family?

Take a walk in our resort and discover the rich local heritage with your little ones during the exciting digital treasure hunt, Club Med Play.

  • Finding Mulan (Sanya)

  • Nature Discovery with Club Med Play App in Guilin


Time to Celebrate

It’s also important to celebrate good times and the joy of being together when on a holiday. Take time just for you and your family and experience these events part of the Amazing Family program:

  • Colour party

  • Foam party

  • Inflatable Castle party

  • Family snacks around the Amazing Family area

Ready to move, play, care, quest and celebrate? Experience our Amazing family program in Club Med Bali, Indonesia, Club Med Cancun Yucutan, Mexico, Club Med Marrakech La Palmeraie, Morroco, Club Med Sanya, China and Club Med Kamarina, Italy. Coming soon to Club Med Phuket, Thailand and many more resorts!

A Day in Kids Club Part 2: Petit Club

Travelling with kids is quite an adventure!

Are you dreaming of a perfect family holiday with your toddler? No worries - young families are more than welcomed in all Club Med resorts. And some resorts even offer dedicated services adapted to all ages - and of course to little ones!

Discover below, Part 2 of our “A Day in Kids Clubs” series where you can understand how Club Med’s Kids Clubs work from babies to teenagers.

The Petit Club at Club Med welcomes little ones from 2 to 3 years old. Professional childcare staff will take care of your little kids all day, providing gentle and expert care and allowing relaxed holidays and discoveries for everyone.

Tots are invited to discover the world and socialise through age-appropriate activities featuring sports, art and crafts and games. They can even take part in a show…

Kids Clubs from 4 years old to 17 years old are included in the all-inclusive package, Baby and Petit Club from 4 months to 3 years old are at an extra cost. This program is only an example and schedule may vary.


The beginning of a full day of fun for the little ones, and a day of relaxation for parents.



Kick-start the day with creative arts and craft activities. According to their age, Club Med offers activities such as sport, creation, expression and games. Club Med also propose the baby gym: a path on a mini-trampoline, an activity mat. They will learn coordination, balance, location in space in order to help body awareness.



Quiet time for all- if your little one naps or wants to rest.



Refuelling the energy sources through healthy food shared with new friends and G.Os. or parents if you’d like to pick up your little one.


Beach time! Sand castle building, crab hunting and various other fun-filled activities.



Bubs reunite with parents around the main pool and share stories of their amazing day.


💡 Did you know? Kids under 4 stay for free at Club Med! Don’t miss out!

Discover here all the activities for your little ones at Club Med. Find more of our special series for Babies here, Petit Club and Junior/Passworld here!

A Day in Kids Club Part 1: Baby Club

Travelling with kids is quite the adventure!

Are you dreaming of having a holiday but thinking bringing baby with you might be too hard? No worries - young families are more than welcomed in all Club Med resorts. And some resorts even offer dedicated services adapted to all ages - and of course babies!

Discover below, Part 1 of our “A Day in Kids Clubs” series where you can understand how Club Med’s Kids Clubs work from babies to teenagers.

The Baby Club at Club Med welcomes babies from 4 months to 2 years old. Professional childcare staff will take care of your baby all day, providing gentle and expert care and allowing relaxed holidays and discoveries for everyone. Tailored activity programs include baby gym, nursery rhymes, musical games… Every day is filled with discovery and tenderness. You can also opt to drop off and pick up your baby at a convenient time - it’s all flexible and fun!

Kids Clubs from 4 years old to 17 years old are included in the all-inclusive package, Baby and Petit Club from 4 months to 3 years old are at an extra cost. This program is only an example and schedule may vary.



The littlest of guests start the day with gentle age-appropriate activities playing or singing! It goes from a walk in the fresh air to the baby gym, rhymes, softplay playgrounds and musical awakening.



Yummy time! Bubs can eat with the G.Os and their new friends or their parents, it’s up to you!

A baby corner is included! Area of the main restaurant featuring a choice of baby food like sweet or savoury purees, as well as the equipment to prepare your baby’s meal such as a blender, steriliser, bottle warmer, microwave and more…



Well deserved nap time, full of sweet dreams.



Bubs join their parents for a family fun afternoon with games, grass slides, snacks and more…



Enjoy a delicious family dinner at the main restaurant.

The baby restaurant is an appropriate restaurant for babies where they can eat meals prepared for them with you or with part of Baby Club Med. You also have access to a baby feeding room: a 24 hour access to the necessary facilities to prepare baby meals including a blender, steriliser, microwave, refrigerator, bottle warmer and supplementary products such as mineral water, fruit, long-life milk.


💡 Did you know? Little ones under 4 stay for free at Club Med! Don’t miss out!

💼 Did you know? A baby welcome pack is included upon your arrival. All the essential equipment you need to take care of your baby such as cot, a baby bathtub, bottle warmers and prams are provided

Discover here all the activities for your baby at Club Med. Find more of our special series for Petit Club, Mini Club and Junior/Passworld here!

Interview : Emma Isaacs and her Bali Family Experience

Founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks, supporting Australian business women, and Author of “Winging It” book, Emma Isaacs is a busy entrepreneur. She is passionate about encouraging women to be bold, to be courageous and to take risks.

As a Mum of 5 (enough for a basketball team, she says) Emma Isaacs needed a break from her never-stopping schedule of Mum-Entrepreneur and chose Club Med Bali for her well-deserved me and family time.

Want to know more about Emma’s holidays in Bali as well as tips to disconnect and how to have a successful holiday? We had the pleasure to ask her a few questions about her relaxing stay.

Note: All images below are courtesy of Emma Isaacs, and have been shared with permission. 

If you could describe your family holiday to Club Med Bali in 3 words, what would they be and why?

🙌 I’d say “freeing” because to be able to choose how much I have my kids with me or away from me brings a huge sense of freedom.

🎉 Then “fun” because we always love the array of activities from circus school through to the nightly concerts.

😌 And finally “stress free” as I love how everything is included at Club Med and you don’t have to worry about receiving a massive bill at the end of the vacation.  

emma isaacs 2.jpg

Tell us about your Club Med Bali experience as a family with 5 young children.

It was awesome because of the affordable childcare for our baby. The local nannies at Club Med Bali are true dedicated to what they do and we always feel happy being able to leave the baby knowing she's in great hands. 

What were some of the activities your family did at Club Med Bali?

The kids were really into the Kids Club and they did the trapeze every day. They also made friends from other countries and spent a lot of time exploring the resort. 

Did you manage to find a balance between "us" time and "me" time while on holiday at the resort?

Yes that’s the beauty of Club Med! We found ourselves with many free hours during the day (guilt free!) and would congregate as a family over meals. 

emma isaacs 4.jpg

With such a busy work and family schedule, how do you find time to organise and take holidays? Any tips for fellow busy mums?

My advice would be to sit down and plan the year ahead. Even though you know there’s going to be an expense and lots of organisation, just rip the band-aid off and book a holiday in. Breaks like this one, to Club Med, keep you motivated to work hard knowing that there is a holiday at the end. 

What are your top tips to disconnect from business/routine while on holidays?

I’ve been en entrepreneur my whole life so there is no such thing as truly switching off and I’m absolutely ok with that. I actually find it less stressful if I can check in with the office for a tiny bit of time during the holiday and then I find I’m free to focus on recharging when I’m sure everything is taken care of back home (which it always is!) 

How does travel effect the way you work, your creativity, productivity and view on priorities?

I always find I’m far more creative and inspired when I prioritise vacation time.  

emma isaacs.jpg

What country / holiday has inspired you the most in your life and why?

I’m fortunate enough to have experienced a safari in Africa, exploring the raids in Morocco, sipping cocktails on Necker Island in the Caribbean and frequently visiting New York with girlfriends, but anywhere that I’m able to make sure the kids are having fun and I’m also getting a break will be top of my list. 

What is the next Club Med resort you would like to experience and why?

Cancun in Mexico! Living in LA means we often get to Mexico but I have not yet made it to Cancun so that’s next on my list. 

Discover more about this sanctuary for families and friends at Club Med Bali here!

Award-Winning Family Holidays


Looking for inspiration for your next family holiday? Five of our resorts have been chosen byHolidays with Kids Magazine Readers in 2017 as the best family resorts! We couldn’t be more grateful to have been chosen and trusted by the magazine readers and win this award. Discover or re-discover below the chosen resorts:

Top Indonesia Family Resort: #2 Club Med Bali


Between fields of rice paddies and temples, Club Med Bali Nusa Dua is a bliss oasis for families with masses of space to unwind, reconnect and explore. Little ones can spend the day at the Kids Clubs, fly on the trapeze or enjoy the splash pool while parents can explore nearby temples or take some time off at the adult-only Zen pool.

Read more about Club Med Bali

Top Indonesia Family Resort: #7 Club Med Bintan Island


Just 55 minutes away from Singapore, families can discover a little slice of heaven in Club Med Bintan Island. It is the ultimate wellbeing getaway to rejuvenate body & soul, discover healthy and yummy culinary experiences and try on new activities. Plus, with so many water and land sports options, artistic and cultural activities for kids aged 2 to 17, this stunning island has something for everyone!

Read more about Club Med Bintan Island

Top Malaysia Family Resort: #5 Club Med Cherating Beach


Between jungle and ocean, Club Med Cherating Beach is an eco-friendly beach resort in Malaysia filled with treetop adventures and endless wildlife discoveries, offering the perfect setting for an unforgettable family holiday. You can fly with the monkeys on the flying trapeze, savour local and international cuisine, release turtles into the ocean and more… With fun experiences, days fly by in Cherating Beach!

Read more about Club Med Cherating Beach

Top Thailand Family Resort: #5 Club Med Phuket


Located in Phuket’s most beautiful bay and amidst green fields and frangipani trees, Club Med Phuket is the perfect family playground. With must-try experiences like Thai boxing lessons, cooking classes and discoveries of Thai temples and treasures, there’s endless fun for the whole family.

Read more about Club Med Phuket

Top International Family Resort: #10 Club Med Aimee La Plagne


Sitting on top of a mountain facing the magnificent Mont-Blanch, Club Med Aimee La Plagne is the winter destination to ski-in, ski-out easily and enjoy the great outdoors! While the little ones enjoy the snow garden and learn new skills, parents can try on new slopes or relax après-ski in the homely warm stone and wood Resort.

Read more about Club Med aimee La Plagne

And if you'd like to discover more about why families holidays are unique at Club Med, discover more on our Best Family Holidays page!

24 hours in Club Med Bintan Island


If you had one day at Club Med Bintan Island, what would it look like? At an only 55-minute trip from Singapore, Bintan Island is the perfect getaway to revive, refresh and rejuvenate body and spirit. And there's a lot to do at the Resort in just a day, adventures and activities are endless! Discover our perfect day in Club Med Bintan Island...

8am - Good morning! 

Start the day gently by finding balance with a yoga by the sea session, followed by a nourishing breakfast. The zen way to start the day!


11am - Hit the green 

Practice your swing at your own pace or enjoy the all-included lesson to improve your game at the neighbouring Ria Bintan Island Golf Course - voted Asia Pacific's Best Golf Course.


1pm - Refuel and recharge 

Nourish your body with healthy salads, a fresh cold-pressed juice at our juice bar, or taste an indulgent lunch with international and local flavours. Who said holidays couldn't be healthy?

2:30pm - Afternoons, your way 

Get active with snorkelling, sailing and stand-up paddleboarding; or treat yourself at the Hilltop Spa* with a relaxing massage while your little ones enjoy a cooking lesson in the Kids Club. Fun activities for everybody!


5pm - Twilight catch! 

Watch the kids soar through the air at sunset on our flying trapeze. A must-try in Bintan Island, don't forget the camera to capture this special moment.


7pm - Dinner with a view

After a full day, it's time to savour a gourmet meal at La Terrasse specialty restaurant or to discover new culinary experiences at our renovated main restaurant, The Waterfall.

9pm - Vibrant evening experiences 

Watch your little ones perform in a show, spend the evening at the bar, or just relax... The choice is yours!


In just one day, you've experienced amazing and relaxing activities at Club Med Bintan Island. But one day isn't enough, right? If you'd like to plan your own holistic wellness escape in Bintan, book your stay here.

Interview: Ivy Bendixen, GM at Club Med Albion


Club Med wouldn't be what it is today without our incredible GMs (Gentle Members) visiting our 70+ Resorts around the world every year. Whether soaking up the sun in the Maldives or discovering a new culture in Bali, any GM's visit to Club Med is truly unique. Ivy Bendixen has just recently been to Club Med La Plantation D'Albion for the first time and her visit was memorable in many ways. We've asked Ivy a few questions to know more about her unique experience in Mauritius... 

Note: All images below are courtesy of Ivy Bendixen, and have been shared with permission. 

Ivy pic 1.jpg

Why did you choose to go to Club Med La Plantation D’Albion?

Mauritius has been a top favourite destination to visit for a long time. I always promised myself that when I met that one special person I was going to spend my life with, this is where we would go.  Just took me awhile to do the trip as we had been living and working in the USA. We had made plans to go this year as a special celebration. Unfortunately, the love of my life passed away 11 months ago so I made the heartbreaking decision to continue with the trip & took his ashes to scatter in the ocean. I had narrowed it down to 2 resorts but my travel agent Colin, from italk travel North Perth, had been on a trip there earlier in the year, showed me some photos, and said I should also consider Club Med. As he knows my travel preferences, I am so glad I listened to him!

Ivy pic 7.jpg

What was your typical day in the resort?

We went as a group of seven and everyone was free to do as they please then meet for dinner each night. We created a WhatsApp for Club Med to keep in touch. Being an early riser, my day started with a visit to the gym. It is one of the most picturesque I have ever trained in – picture floor to ceiling glass looking out onto the gentle waves rolling in, the greenery and then the stunning sunrise – it took my breath away!

Then after freshening up, I would walk through the lovely gardens to the restaurant to have breakfast. Sometimes others in our group would be there and we would share the special moment looking over the water whilst having the best ever French baguettes & croissants, fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh fruits just to name a few. If not, I was happy just to be there on my own & enjoy the view. GOs Steph & Alicia knew just how I liked my coffee and by the time I had walked back to my table from the restaurant it would be waiting for me.

Ivy Picture 8.jpg

If we weren’t going on a tour then I would relax at the Zen pool & read. We all tended to gather here at some stage of the day. Of course, fresh crepes being prepared was a big incentive for our group foodies. In the afternoon, I would join the Pilates class or one of the other recreational activities such as archery (which I always wanted to try) then watch the majestic sunset.

Ivy pic 3.jpg

The group met in the bar for a pre- dinner drinks then onto dinner. Dinners are themed and creatively varied each night so you are never bored. Also, the dress code is different for each. eg: white night, blue night, gala dinner etc. The resort makes a huge effort to ensure the theme & colours flow through that the staff all wear the matching colour shirts, the bars & other social areas are dressed accordingly. Every night there is a fabulous show which we made sure to attend. After the dance floor becomes alive & you can party to your heart's content. I also enjoyed the lovely treatments (Hamman, relaxing facial & sublime North African massage) at the Cinq Mondes Spa & highly recommend them.

Ivy Pic 6.jpg

What was your favourite part of your holiday?

I loved that it was all-inclusive (except some water sports, the spa & tours) so you did not have to think about what you may be spending. This is a big plus for a group as each person has a varied budget. From the moment you land at the airport to the time you return for your journey home, everything is organised for you. You can just sit back & truly relax. All staff are so special with a genuine warmth and caring manner. No one passes you without a greeting.

What was the most memorable moment you had during your stay?

There were so many but some stand out, such as the surprise private dinner in the gazebo overlooking the ocean arranged by my friends with Jean-Benoit, the General Manager (Chief of Village). Other memorable moments were:

  • • The thoughtful box of fresh frangipani flowers (out of season) left on my bed with a very caring note to take with me out to sea had me in tears.

  • • A surprise birthday cake at the Gala Dinner, the Moët & Chandon shower set up on stage & then shared with us all.

  • • “Happy Birthday” spelt out with flowers on my bed at night.

  • • Tarik’s private Tango lesson (on my wish list too).

Ivy Picture 9.jpg

Tell us about the GOs that stood out most to you & why?

Again, there were so many as everyone is friendly and caring to make sure you are happy & enjoying yourself. No detail is too small to be given attention.

  • • For me – Renata, Guest Relations extraordinaire, arranged some special requests I had (see point 1).

  • • As mentioned Steph & Alicia in the restaurant ensuring I had my coffee that way I like each day. Ragab & all the sports activity team were fantastic.

  • • Chloe having patience teaching us archery.

  • • Unn, our awesome pilates instructor.

  • • The staff at Cinq Mondes Spa ensuring mind numbing calmness & peace.

  • • Julia at the boutique to ensure our shopaholics were kept happy with a big smile.

  • • Cathy & Camilla at the bar – always looking after us no matter what the request was.

  • • Alba arranging all our tours ensuring we did not miss out on anything. Making sure all the special requests were met. Organising my personal special arrangements.

  • • Salim, our tour guide on 2 excursions was so much fun & a wealth of information. (In fact, he invited us to his house for a meal on the next trip)

  • • The reception staff giving helpful advice & organising taxi’s for us on our private excursions.

  • • Tarik dancing in the Michael Jackson show – truly a talented dancer. Then later on the dance floor and my private Tango lesson.

  • • The housekeeping staff adding lovely touches each night at turndown. The night of my birthday they wrote Happy Birthday in flowers on the bed.

  • • The buggy drivers who were so much fun.

Ivy pic 4.jpg

What are your must-dos for a holiday at Club Med Albion?

Definitely book some tours as the country and the people are great. The tour guide is so informative & we also found the taxi drivers were the same – happy to share details about their country. Don’t be afraid to order a taxi as they set rates & wait for you. At the shopping centre, even the security guard was helpful in translating French for us & helping in directions. Try the free activities, you may find a new sports activity you like or like me tick it off the list of things to try. Relax in the beautiful calming Cinq Mondes Spa – a must do - well worth it. Then just relax & enjoy the resort as a whole! Do as much as you want or as little as you want.

Ivy pic 2.jpg

Do you have any tips for future GMs going to Club Med Albion?

Once your holiday is booked I would definitely download the Club Med app which would help you choose the clothes you would need on the different nights & make packing much easier. It’s appreciated that the guests join in on the themes as the resort puts in so much work to make it happen. Go with an open mind & you will soon be impressed.

Which Club Med would you like to go to next & why?

We will be talking to our Travel Agent Colin soon on some options we are looking at: Morocco, Spain or Italy also stopping by Mauritius on way home. These countries are on our wish list & now that we know there are Club Meds in each it makes it much more appealing. We plan on visiting as many Club Meds as we can either as a group or individuals.

Ivy Pic 5.jpg

To book your next holiday at Club Med La Plantation D'Albion, visit here.