How to prepare your hair for a beach holiday


This post was created in partnership with TONI&GUY Australia.

Sunshine, swimming and having fun on your holidays can play havoc with your hair and your usual routines. Even a few days of sun, sea or pool can deteriorate even the most healthy, glossy hair.


When your hair is subjected to the elements with little or no protection it becomes dehydrated and susceptible to damage and breakage, so what can we do to prepare our tresses?

To prepare your hair for the holiday’s it’s a good idea to apply regular treatments and to have a trim. This will ensure your hair is in top condition prior. Whilst away you may not want to continue treatments so as a “top up” take a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture. We recommend: Label M Leave in Conditioner

If you're planning to have your hair coloured before you go on holiday, think about how the sun will naturally lift your hair colour those extra shades. You need to use a good quality shampoo & conditioner to care for coloured hair in the sun. We recommend: Wella SP Aftersun Shampoo & Conditioner

Of course, the best thing you can do is to keep your hair covered up as much as possible when you are out in the sun. The sun's UV rays can damage your hair when exposed especially if it is coloured or highlighted.

If you are swimming or without cover over your hair, then use a protective product especially for the sun. These products have UV filters in to protect your hair and scalp from becoming scorched and ingredients for colour protection to fight against colour fade. We recommend: Wella SP Sun Spray

Never leave chlorine on your hair overnight, chlorine not only removes any natural oils from your hair making it dull and lifeless, it can also get between the hair shaft and cause damage which makes it more prone to splitting. Always wash & condition your hair after swimming.

Don’t fight the curls on holiday, get a good frizz controlling product and work with the waves. After applying the product just leave your hair to dry naturally or create a curl by twisting individual stands of hair. Alternatively, you can use a sea salt spray for a more tousled curl. We recommend: either Label M Therapy Oil or Label M Sea Salt spray

For amazing holiday hair, you need some “hair up” tricks.

Braiding hair is an always a good way to simply and efficiently tame your hair into a secure shape. Either using a simple plait or a fishtail braid you can create a cool and effortless shape.


Loose messy top knots and buns are also another great way to wear your hair on holidays. You can leave your hair to dry naturally then wrap the ends up into a loose shape, leaving tendrils down for a boho feel.

Products shown:

Sea Salt Spray  -  Rejuvenating Radiance Oil  -  Leave-in Conditioner  -  After Sun Conditioner  -  Sun Concentrate  -  After Sun Shampoo

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