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2019 Calendar: our favourite destinations

A new year also means new opportunities to explore the world! We know how hard it is to choose your next destination with the endless options that the world has to offer. So to make this a little bit easier, we selected the best places to visit for each month of 2019. Plan ahead and live your holidays fully: weather, activities and local aspects included!


What’s best than starting the New Year with some JaPOW?! With approximately 600 centimetres of snowfall, Hokkaido is the best place to hit the slopes in January. There will also be way enough snow to enjoy snowball fight with your family and friends!

Photo taken at    Club Med Tomamu

Photo taken at Club Med Tomamu


Cancun offers in February the perfect mix of fantastic weather and sightseeing activities such as visiting the Chichen Itza or the jungle adventure parks. Due to its ideal beach conditions, it is also the best month to do snorkeling or scuba diving and explore the seabed made of colourful and varied sea life.

Photo taken at    Club Med Cancun Yucatan


The ultimate getaway island paradise - Maldives is the perfect destination if you want to be surrounded by coconut palms, endless turquoise ocean views and relaxing vibes. March is part of the dry season so you can make the most of each beach day! It is also a great time to go surfing, snorkeling and enjoy great visibility for scuba diving 🐠.

Photo taken at    Club Med Kani

Photo taken at Club Med Kani


Always thought that the Caribbean was out of your budget? Do the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas make your dream? Good news, the third week of April is the best time to go as it’s the “shoulder season” - right after the craziness or spring break . In other words, it’s the best period to get affordable flight prices! And obviously with sunny days and moderate temperatures., you won’t need much more to enjoy the sweet Caribbean life and all the activities this little piece of heaven has to offer.

Photo taken at    Club Med Turquoise

Photo taken at Club Med Turquoise


Sun, dry and cool - the perfect holiday weather for Mauritius! May is also be the best time to experience exotic and adventurous sights from waterfalls to lush gardens. We recommend visiting La Pointe aux Cannoniers for perfect beachfront holidays with crystal-clear waters or Albion, an oasis of tranquility and luxury, surrounded by magnificent gardens.


Indonesia is a popular destination for its idyllic landscape and cultural discoveries. June is the best time of the year to enjoy the great weather conditions of Bali without the crowds. Feel immersed in the Indonesian culture from visiting temples to trying local dishes. Or if you want more adrenaline fuelled activities, nothing can’t beat the Bali surf spots or 4x4 adventures with views over the rice paddies.

Photo taken at    Club Med Bali

Photo taken at Club Med Bali


Warm sun, little ocean breeze and the sweet sound of waves… It’s the perfect place and time of the year for terrace dining or wine tasting in the South of Portugal! And for the golf lovers, it’s also perfect to practice your swing on one of the Algarve's most prestigious courses. Coming with your family? Golden beaches, water parks and dolphins are just an added bonus to the breathtaking landscapes and nature that awaits you there.

Photos taken at Club Med Da Balaia


Between forest and white sandy beaches, Brazil is the ideal destination to practice land and water sports while discovering the vibrant local culture. Enjoy the nature as your playing field, experiencing family or couple activities such as tennis, archery, trapeze or water-skiing.

Photo taken at    Club Med Rio Das Pedras


Who doesn’t want to live the dolce vita,? If we had to choose the perfect month to travel to Italy, it would definitely be September, warm enough to enjoy a swim in the Mediterranean sea and and cool enough to enjoy a hike on the beautiful Italian coast. Last but not least, once school holidays are passed - the prices will decrease so watch this space as you may be lucky with cheaper air fares.

Photo taken at    Club Med Cefalu

Photo taken at Club Med Cefalu


October is be the best time for sightseeing, with sunny days and fewer crowds! Enjoying the warm days from the Indian Summer , Greece is THE place to experience new water activities such as water-skiing, sailing or windsurfing 🌊 as well as picturesque local little villages.

Photo taken at    Club Med Gregolimano

Photo taken at Club Med Gregolimano


A happy escape with 8 hours of sun per day, and between 24 and 31 degrees that will amaze you by it’s deep cultural identity. November officially marks the start of the high season, and the best time to enjoy a family holiday exploring Buddhist temples or attend traditional Thai dancing performances in costumes.

Photo taken at    Club Med Phuket

Photo taken at Club Med Phuket


Sun or snow to end the year, the choice is yours! Our preference for 2019 will would be a White Christmas in the French Alps with delicious local delicacies like fresh bread, cheese, wines… to enjoy all day long. Experience a real Winter Wonderland! ❄️

Interview: Ivy Bendixen, GM at Club Med Albion


Club Med wouldn't be what it is today without our incredible GMs (Gentle Members) visiting our 70+ Resorts around the world every year. Whether soaking up the sun in the Maldives or discovering a new culture in Bali, any GM's visit to Club Med is truly unique. Ivy Bendixen has just recently been to Club Med La Plantation D'Albion for the first time and her visit was memorable in many ways. We've asked Ivy a few questions to know more about her unique experience in Mauritius... 

Note: All images below are courtesy of Ivy Bendixen, and have been shared with permission. 

Ivy pic 1.jpg

Why did you choose to go to Club Med La Plantation D’Albion?

Mauritius has been a top favourite destination to visit for a long time. I always promised myself that when I met that one special person I was going to spend my life with, this is where we would go.  Just took me awhile to do the trip as we had been living and working in the USA. We had made plans to go this year as a special celebration. Unfortunately, the love of my life passed away 11 months ago so I made the heartbreaking decision to continue with the trip & took his ashes to scatter in the ocean. I had narrowed it down to 2 resorts but my travel agent Colin, from italk travel North Perth, had been on a trip there earlier in the year, showed me some photos, and said I should also consider Club Med. As he knows my travel preferences, I am so glad I listened to him!

Ivy pic 7.jpg

What was your typical day in the resort?

We went as a group of seven and everyone was free to do as they please then meet for dinner each night. We created a WhatsApp for Club Med to keep in touch. Being an early riser, my day started with a visit to the gym. It is one of the most picturesque I have ever trained in – picture floor to ceiling glass looking out onto the gentle waves rolling in, the greenery and then the stunning sunrise – it took my breath away!

Then after freshening up, I would walk through the lovely gardens to the restaurant to have breakfast. Sometimes others in our group would be there and we would share the special moment looking over the water whilst having the best ever French baguettes & croissants, fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh fruits just to name a few. If not, I was happy just to be there on my own & enjoy the view. GOs Steph & Alicia knew just how I liked my coffee and by the time I had walked back to my table from the restaurant it would be waiting for me.

Ivy Picture 8.jpg

If we weren’t going on a tour then I would relax at the Zen pool & read. We all tended to gather here at some stage of the day. Of course, fresh crepes being prepared was a big incentive for our group foodies. In the afternoon, I would join the Pilates class or one of the other recreational activities such as archery (which I always wanted to try) then watch the majestic sunset.

Ivy pic 3.jpg

The group met in the bar for a pre- dinner drinks then onto dinner. Dinners are themed and creatively varied each night so you are never bored. Also, the dress code is different for each. eg: white night, blue night, gala dinner etc. The resort makes a huge effort to ensure the theme & colours flow through that the staff all wear the matching colour shirts, the bars & other social areas are dressed accordingly. Every night there is a fabulous show which we made sure to attend. After the dance floor becomes alive & you can party to your heart's content. I also enjoyed the lovely treatments (Hamman, relaxing facial & sublime North African massage) at the Cinq Mondes Spa & highly recommend them.

Ivy Pic 6.jpg

What was your favourite part of your holiday?

I loved that it was all-inclusive (except some water sports, the spa & tours) so you did not have to think about what you may be spending. This is a big plus for a group as each person has a varied budget. From the moment you land at the airport to the time you return for your journey home, everything is organised for you. You can just sit back & truly relax. All staff are so special with a genuine warmth and caring manner. No one passes you without a greeting.

What was the most memorable moment you had during your stay?

There were so many but some stand out, such as the surprise private dinner in the gazebo overlooking the ocean arranged by my friends with Jean-Benoit, the General Manager (Chief of Village). Other memorable moments were:

  • • The thoughtful box of fresh frangipani flowers (out of season) left on my bed with a very caring note to take with me out to sea had me in tears.

  • • A surprise birthday cake at the Gala Dinner, the Moët & Chandon shower set up on stage & then shared with us all.

  • • “Happy Birthday” spelt out with flowers on my bed at night.

  • • Tarik’s private Tango lesson (on my wish list too).

Ivy Picture 9.jpg

Tell us about the GOs that stood out most to you & why?

Again, there were so many as everyone is friendly and caring to make sure you are happy & enjoying yourself. No detail is too small to be given attention.

  • • For me – Renata, Guest Relations extraordinaire, arranged some special requests I had (see point 1).

  • • As mentioned Steph & Alicia in the restaurant ensuring I had my coffee that way I like each day. Ragab & all the sports activity team were fantastic.

  • • Chloe having patience teaching us archery.

  • • Unn, our awesome pilates instructor.

  • • The staff at Cinq Mondes Spa ensuring mind numbing calmness & peace.

  • • Julia at the boutique to ensure our shopaholics were kept happy with a big smile.

  • • Cathy & Camilla at the bar – always looking after us no matter what the request was.

  • • Alba arranging all our tours ensuring we did not miss out on anything. Making sure all the special requests were met. Organising my personal special arrangements.

  • • Salim, our tour guide on 2 excursions was so much fun & a wealth of information. (In fact, he invited us to his house for a meal on the next trip)

  • • The reception staff giving helpful advice & organising taxi’s for us on our private excursions.

  • • Tarik dancing in the Michael Jackson show – truly a talented dancer. Then later on the dance floor and my private Tango lesson.

  • • The housekeeping staff adding lovely touches each night at turndown. The night of my birthday they wrote Happy Birthday in flowers on the bed.

  • • The buggy drivers who were so much fun.

Ivy pic 4.jpg

What are your must-dos for a holiday at Club Med Albion?

Definitely book some tours as the country and the people are great. The tour guide is so informative & we also found the taxi drivers were the same – happy to share details about their country. Don’t be afraid to order a taxi as they set rates & wait for you. At the shopping centre, even the security guard was helpful in translating French for us & helping in directions. Try the free activities, you may find a new sports activity you like or like me tick it off the list of things to try. Relax in the beautiful calming Cinq Mondes Spa – a must do - well worth it. Then just relax & enjoy the resort as a whole! Do as much as you want or as little as you want.

Ivy pic 2.jpg

Do you have any tips for future GMs going to Club Med Albion?

Once your holiday is booked I would definitely download the Club Med app which would help you choose the clothes you would need on the different nights & make packing much easier. It’s appreciated that the guests join in on the themes as the resort puts in so much work to make it happen. Go with an open mind & you will soon be impressed.

Which Club Med would you like to go to next & why?

We will be talking to our Travel Agent Colin soon on some options we are looking at: Morocco, Spain or Italy also stopping by Mauritius on way home. These countries are on our wish list & now that we know there are Club Meds in each it makes it much more appealing. We plan on visiting as many Club Meds as we can either as a group or individuals.

Ivy Pic 5.jpg

To book your next holiday at Club Med La Plantation D'Albion, visit here.

All You Need To Know About A Holiday To The Maldives


Crystal clear oceans, beautiful white sand, and seas teeming with marine life…we’re pretty sure the Maldives is high up on everyone’s bucket list, and why wouldn’t it be? Also known as paradise on earth, this small nation of islands is the ultimate escape for those seeking luxury, romance and relaxation.

If you’re planning your dream Maldives getaway, we’ve put together all you need to know for your holiday to paradise.

Best time to go to the Maldives

In terms of weather, the best time to head to the Maldives is the dry season, between December and April, where you’ll enjoy beautiful blue skies and little rain. However, keen divers and surfers should head to the Maldives between May to November.

How to get there

While there are no direct flights available from Australia’s capital cities, the Maldives is quite easy to reach. Expect a travel time of around 14 hours from Sydney, transiting through Singapore to Male; alternatively, take Etihad Airways and transit in Abu Dhabi. Once you reach Male Airport, speedboats await to take you to your final destination.

Visas and Vaccinations

Upon arrival at Male Airport, you’ll be issued a free thirty-day tourist visa. There are no additional required vaccinations to enter the Maldives at this stage.

What to do and see in the Maldives

Play and paddle in paradise

The Maldives is an endless turquoise paradise, where warm waters are brimming with coral and sea life. You can do as much, or as little, as you like…consider it your playground, where you can swim, relax, surf or dive; spending your days by the water.

• The reefs are abundant with sea life, so the adventurous can take a dive trip! The Maldives has some of the best diving spots in the world, and you’ll swim amongst manta rays, as well as explore underwater caverns. • Stand-up paddleboarding is a fun way to stay fit while on holidays, especially when you have beautiful calm oceans. • Explore the coral reefs beneath the tropical lagoons, and snorkel amongst lionfish and baby reef sharks. • Make a lasting impact and give back to this wonderful island nation by helping with coral rebuilding.


Catch a break with incredible surf breaks

For the surfers out there, the Maldives boasts some of the best reef breaks in the word. Catch the best waves from April through to October, and get in early to avoid drop-ins!

Chickens is considered one of the best waves in the world, especially on big swell days. Intermediate and advanced surfers can expect to ride these spectacular barrels for over 500m. This is certainly one to tick off the bucket list! • Named after the local Coca-Cola factory, Cokes is awesome for good swell and a long ride. • If you’re a beginner, consider riding a wave at You’ll find smaller breaks, perfect for cruising over the turquoise waters.


Rejuvenate your body and treat your tastebuds

There’s nothing better than to relax and disconnect when you’re on an island and far, far away from the daily grind. Use your trip to the Maldives as a great opportunity to treat your body and soul, and to indulge in fresh food.

• Enjoy a massage on the tranquil beaches, and let the sound of the waves lapping at the ocean lull you into bliss. • Begin your morning with yoga on the beach. You’ll find no better way to kick start your day! • Savour incredible fresh produce – we’re talking about fruit cut from the tree in the morning and served in the afternoon. • Enjoy your seafood caught fresh from the ocean. Sashimi has never tasted better!


Our best travel tips

• The Maldives is not just for honeymooners! It’s also a great destination for families, considering the private islands, shallow beaches and calm, clear waters. • For the ultimate romantic escape, couples simply can’t go past the overwater villas at Club Med Kani or the Finolhu Villas. Think privacy, luxury and romance – plus, you’ll have a staircase or ladder that descends straight into the ocean. • The national currency of the Maldives is the Rufiyaa, however it’s more useful to have US Dollars handy. Many resorts, including Club Med, accept credit cards, which minimises the need to change your money. • The Maldives is an Islamic nation, and as such visitors aren’t allowed to bring liquor into the country. If you do have liquor with you, often it will be confiscated or held at the airport, so we’d recommend leaving your duty free shopping for when you return to Australia.

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Sneak Peek at the New Bintan Island


It's finally here! We know that you can't wait to discover the brand new face of Club Med Bintan Island,  and we have a sneak peek below of all that's happening in our redesign. From a new pool to a new boutique, theatre and yoga pergola, paradise has gotten even more beautiful.Plus, we're just getting started! Follow us here and on Facebook @ClubMedAustralia to see more updates as they unfold...

From a new pool...

RBIC_G117_003.jpg a new boutique, theatre and photo centre...


...and a new restaurant

Unwind in the new Yoga Pergola

Get ready, yogis! We have a beautiful new spot for you to practice your downward dogs - take a look in this video below.

Discover the incredible mannequin challenge of Club Med Bintan team in the video below and more about the resort here.

#FollowUsTo...Mauritius for a Luxury Family Holiday!


Imagine this: you’re holidaying in an exotic destination with your entire extended family, having the time of your life. Sounds like a dream? Richard and Hilda Kingston, along with their children and grandchildren, show us how it’s done.

Club Med La Plantation D'Albion

Live private moments with your family on holiday

Club Med La Plantation D'Albion

When Richard and Hilda planned their multigenerational holiday to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, they searched for a resort to suit all 10 members of the family, with ages ranging 13 months to 67 years! Their daughter, Emma, hit the nail on the head when she suggested Club Med Albion Villas in Mauritius.

“We wanted a mix of activities for the kids and a high level of accommodation with peaceful surroundings,” says Emma

Discover beautiful decor with local inspiration

Club Med Albion Villas

When the family arrived at the Resort, they were immediately struck by the warm hospitality of our specialized staff (the G.Os) and the rich landscape of African forest and tropical rainforest. From the well-appointed villas to the lavish facilities and cuisine, the Resort exudes pure luxury.

“The villas were absolutely first-class with premium decor,” says Richard. “We’ve stayed in some top hotels around the world and this compared favourably to our previous experiences.”Emma soon discovered the villas perfectly catered for her baby Elliot, 13-month-old, with amenities including a washing machine, high chair and baby bath, and baby food.

A large choice of activities

Club Med Albion Villas

Each morning, the family would spend time together in their private villa pool, planning the day and sharing memories. Later, they would gather at the main pool.

“The pool area never seemed crowded,” said Richard. “There were activities for all ages and the beach area had lovely shade and soft sand, ideal for the children.”

Everyone made the most of canoes, sail boats and paddle boards, while the grandchildren, aged 13, 11 and 8 years-old, developed their circus skills on the flying trapeze under the watchful guidance of professional G.Os.

The exclusive offerings at Club Med Albion Villas allowed adult members of the family totruly unwind. Whether reading by the infinity Zen pool overlooking superb ocean views, or indulging in a spa treatment at Cinq Mondes, the realities of everyday life seemed far, far away.

“Our Villa Hosts did a superb job,” says Emma. “They were attentive and friendly, without being overbearing. They made us delicious breakfasts, delivered snacks whenever we asked, and even organised a private barbecue and a trip to the golf course.”

Enjoy perfect gourmet meals

Club Med La Plantation D'Albion

Finding meals to suit everyone can be one of the biggest issues when travelling with family members of varying ages. The diverse food stations at Club Med Albion Villas eliminated this challenge.

“The all-inclusive food was of a very high quality with plenty of variety and theme nights,” says Richard.“We loved watching the food being freshly prepared in front of us at the various food stations.” 

The whole family feels that this special time in Mauritius will remain alive in their hearts forever.

“It is rare to find a place that caters for everyone and I will never forget spending time on the beach together, with the crystal blue waters and vast mountain ranges,” says Emma.

“It was the perfect way to spend our special 40th anniversary,” says Richard. “We will never forget it!”

☼ What does Club Med Albion Villas look like? 

Watch this short video and feel like you are on holidays in the Indian Ocean.